Collection: Jan Mapes

Jan discovered her love for horses and the outdoors during visits to her grandparents’ ranch. While the Air Force took her family all over the world, she dreamed about the west and filled her sketchbooks with pictures of horses. When Jan moved to Colorado for college, she discovered that horses were everywhere just like she’d imagined. She majored in Earth Science, married a cowboy and was inspired to pursue a career in art on a trip to Santa Fe.

For over thirty years, Jan has made her home in a rural ranch community, training her eye, honing her craft and working cattle horseback. Her proficiency as a sculptor and painter enables her to render the western way of life she loves so much with tremendous feel and accuracy.

Today, her work travels from her studio in southeastern Colorado across the United States and around the world. Whether painting or sculpting, Jan’s goal is to capture the spirit and beauty of this earthly experience and encourage others to see, feel, enjoy and appreciate it.

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