Collection: Darcy Presiloski

The first artwork Darcy Presiloski remembers creating was a drawing of a horse around the age of five.  She lived on a farm near Granum in southern Alberta, Canada, which was homesteaded by her grandfather. A horse was her babysitter at times.

Darcy’s favorite subject is horses, although cows, dogs, cats and cowboys are not far behind.  She paints ranch and rodeo themes from photos she takes at brandings, roundups, local rodeos and from the side of a country road.  Darcy’s subjects are candid images of the everyday, with that rough around the edges, take it as you find it feel. In addition to western themed images Darcy has recently ventured into wildlife art.

She works primarily in oils but enjoys graphite, pastels and watercolor. Her art training has been eclectic as she took high school art classes, art courses in college for a degree in Education and has taken classes from respected teachers on subjects she felt she needed to know about or enjoyed. 

Darcy likes to paint moments and stories. Some pieces are created simply to allow the viewer to enjoy the moment and others provide a perspective of western life that not everyone is privileged to see. She thinks it is important to share the western way of life and feels it is important to leave a history in images documenting farm, ranch and western life.

Darcy is a signature member of the Cowgirl Artists of America. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband Larry. 

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