Collection: Shannon Lawlor

Preserving the West and a passion for the equine breed is the substance that defines and sustains the work of artist, Shannon Lawlor.

Growing up on the edge of the Northern Great Plains, a region known for extensive cattle ranching and farming, Shannon’s life was spent in the saddle. Around the animals she would one day be renowned for depicting in her art. She considers them, “one of the true stewards of the West.”

If it was the pure enjoyment of drawing and painting horses that propelled her into pursuing the life of an artist full time, it is her continued deep sense of pride in knowing the West is her lifestyle and her people that gives her a sense of obligation to authentically preserve it.

Shannon is a proud sponsor of the NCHA & NRCHA for the very values expressed in her ethos. She welcomes commission inquiries, and her work can be found at

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