Collection: Edgar Sotelo

Sotelo is a fourth-generation artist who was born in Durango, Mexico. His great grandfather, grandfather, and father were very talented artists as well. Edgar came to the U.S. to attend Texas Tech University. He put himself through school with his pencil drawings helping to pay his expenses and graduated in 1988. His wife Michelle encouraged him to try oil painting in the early 1990s. The Sotelos have three daughters who also have artistic talent. At their place in Sulphur Springs, called La Joya (the Jewel), they raise American Quarter Horses. 

Edgar believes in experiencing what he paints. He does this by attending charreadas in Texas and visiting Texas ranches that allow him to ride along and observe, record, and therefore preserve, the cowboy/charro way of life. He is looking to find ranches and individuals who still do things much as they were done one hundred years ago.

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